WP 6 Antibodies detection in small field labs


The aim of this WP is to develop innovative multiplex serology for the detection and quantification of antibodies to multiple pathogens in small field laboratories. The goal will be achieved through the following specific tasks:

  1. Development of a prototype multiplex LFD-Comb for the detection of ASFV/CSFV antibodies
  2. Development of a Q-ELISA test for the detection of companion animal diseases (CPV, CDV, FeLV/FCV)
  3. Development of a quantitative LFD for BTV and EHDV antibodies
  4. Utilization of low density antigen microarray technology for the detection of antibodies against multiple pathogens
  5. Description of work and role of partners Leader: Partner 3. P3 is an SME with experience in the development of diagnosis assays. Similarly to WP4, most of the reagents are available and will be provided by the other partners. This will allow a prompt starting on the different tasks. Please login or register to see the full page.