WP 2 Real-time monitoring livestock on line


Within this WP, an early warning system for animal diseases will be developed based on a computer-aided, non-invasive real-time monitoring system-on line (RTMS-ON). The aim is to detect and thus limit infections at the earliest possible time point through parameters such as body temperature, food intake and water consumption.
As non-invasive tools for assessment of body temperature, infrared thermography and thermal chips will be implemented. The aims will be achieved through five tasks:

  1. Development of a prototype monitoring system.
  2. Implementation of the prototype in a BSL3 laboratory.
  3. Establishment of baseline parameters and use with experimentally infected animals.
  4. Adaptation and establishment of the RTMS-ON in sentinel farms.
  5. Monitoring of sentinel farms with RTMS-ON.

Description of work and role of partners

Leader: Partner 8. P8 has more than 30 years of experience in the field and P4 has very intensive connection with large-scale industrial poultry and swine units and is able to work as a sentinel observation station.
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