WP 4 Antibody detecttion in the field


The aim of this WP is to develop assays able to detect antibodies to multiple pathogens in the field. The main characteristics of these assays will be: user-friendly performance, sensitivity, specificity and low costs. Here, mainly LFDs or related test systems will be in the focus.

The goals will be achieved through the following tasks:

  1. Development of a duplex LFD for detection of BTV and EHDV antibodies
  2. Development of a duplex LFD for detection of ASFV and CSFV antibodies

Description of work and role of partners

Leader: Partner 1. P1 is an SME with more than 25 years of experience in the development of diagnostic assays in veterinary field. P1 has also proved expertise in the production of the necessary reagents for the aforementioned development, such as recombinant antigens expressed in heterologous systems (E.coli or baculovirus) and monoclonal antibodies. Most of the reagents are already available among the partners (P1, P3 and P9). This fact will facilitate the progress of the proposed tasks and will permit to set new product on the market.

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