WP 5 Pathogen detection in the field


The aim of this WP is to develop rapid multiplex methods for field diagnostic settings such as low-cost field detection devices, which will provide diagnosis with proper preservation of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity/discrimination. The specific objectives are the following:

  1. To adapt and implement a novel amplification technology on portable PCR systems that was recently developed and patented at SVA for AIV and NDV pathotyping in the field application.
  2. To develop multiplex LAMP assays for field detection of three swine disease clusters: vesicular diseases, various pestivirus infections, and hemorrhagic diseases.
  3. To adapt the LFD and LFD-COMB technology for the detection of nucleic acid targets amplified by PCR or LAMP in the above two subtasks.
  4. To develop multiplex LFD for the detection and differentiation of orbiviruses.
  5. To adapt a RT-PCR assay developed at IAH for FMDV to use on the Enigma FL instrument and conduct a validation/equivalence study.

Description of work and role of partners Leader: Partner 10. P10 has a broad expertise in diagnostic in the field and has been leader in many other European projects. P1, 7 and 10 will provide reagents for the development of LFD assays. P2, P6, P9 P10 and p12 will participated on development of molecular techniques.

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